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  • I am aware of my obligation to respect the confidentiality of the data available to me via the EASA SAFA application;
  • I shall ensure that the EASA SAFA application shall only be used in accordance with its intended purpose and in accordance with its Terms and Conditions;
  • I agree that, subject to applicable Community or national law, data stored in or obtained from the EASA SAFA application shall not be divulged or disclosed in any way to third parties other than persons who signed this declaration and agreed to abide by its provisions; The undersigned shall, after receipt thereof, treat all data as strictly confidential and agrees not to appropriate this data to its own use or that of any third party;
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  • I agree that I will not show data stored in or obtained from the EASA SAFA application , which appears on-screen to other persons or third parties, which are not directly involved in the execution of the SAFA-programme;
  • I agree to dispose of data obtained from the SAFA database, in electronic or documentary form, as confidential material as soon as there is no further use of that data;
  • I agree that they shall continue to be bound by this obligation after the task have been completed and until the time when the above-mentioned data is made public;
  • I guarantee that the information provided on registration is correct and I undertake to reflect any future changes to this data in the EASA SAFA application;
  • I agree to terminate my access to the EASA SAFA application by requesting the termination of my account, in the following cases:
    1. Upon termination of employment with the current employer
    2. Changes in functions, whereby access to the EASA SAFA application is not needed;